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Sales and Marketing misalignment is likely the biggest detractor to your company’s revenue growth. Smarketing is the answer!

An effective lead generation campaign won’t do the trick if your leads are falling through the cracks or if your sales process is subpar. 

At, we like to take a 360 degrees approach to revenue optimization for our clients so we can guarantee results. Always. 

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The Goals, Grit, and Greatness Planner™ is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs and high-achievers designed to help overcome procrastination and make excellence a habit. Thousands of businesses also use it to align employee goals with company objectives and cultivate a winning culture. 

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Help entrepreneurs whose solutions can make a positive impact in the world, expand their reach and profitably grow their business.


Although we always have a long-term view on growth for our clients, we don’t believe in holding customers ‘hostage’ with a 12-month contract like most marketing agencies do.  We work in three-month ‘sprints’ at a time but after signing up for our initial 90-day term, clients automatically opt into a month-to-month service agreement. When it comes to our CRM solution (elev8tech), we do engage with an annual agreement, however, there’s a free 30-day trial to test drive the CRM before the agreement kicks in. 

Is the data not showing that you got back more than you spent using our service? If yes, we send back what you gave us. It is that simple.

A Growth Accelerator focuses on improving all of your key revenue-generating activities. That means we are not just focused on the conventional ‘marketing vanity metrics (i.e. number of clicks, click-through rate, or number of leads generated.) We focus on high-impact metrics like CAC/LTV ratio, ROAS, and ROI and always look for ways that can reduce your customer-acquisition cost while maximizing your growth potential. does not discriminate against industry or the size of the companies it works with.  However, our specialization and verticals of focus are 

– Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Care 
– B2B, SaaS, and Tech companies 

We also hold the right to refuse our solutions if your current needs don’t align with our philosophy of constantly seeking growth if sustainable and within capacity. In summary, we prefer to work with like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs who like us don’t think that the sky is our limit!

There are two types of conversations:

1. Clients who know their problem

2. Clients who are interested in how they could be better.

Like having two children, we love both but accept they are different. 

If you are point one, we’ll be glad to dive into your diagnoses and truly understand the roots of the problem. That’s half the job done from our side. We would then set you up to speak with the relevant expert based on one of the following three fields: Lead Generation, Sales Enablement, or CRM Optimization.

If you are point two, we typically like to go through our exclusive checklist based on your customer journey. We move through each stage of the customer journey chronologically to spot any potential gaps; from awareness through to closing. We then build out metrics, identify the data and produce a roadmap to success that you can implement with or without our help.

Absolutely! Our hard work is yours to keep.

It is surprising how many services hold the keys from their clients. From our side, any company that does this is a red flag. 

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