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PPC empowers you to predictably control your census like no other channel. Stay confident about keeping admits consistent. Our team will help calculate your CPA potential specific to your goals and USPs of your centers.

Why Invest into PPC for Addiction Treatment or Mental Health Center?

Google Ads allows your business to be in the right place when it comes to high commercial intent searches, meaning filling the beds consistently and taking control of what you invest based on your level of census, is the immediate advantage. The majority of these search queries will go through to the first page results on Google, that’s why capturing these searches is paramount for you not to let these admissions go to competing facilities in your market.

However, there are so many more reasons beyond simply filling the beds that PPC can give to your business. To see why, check out this PPC article for a detailed breakdown of its unique advantages.

Never Be Left In The Dark
With Campaign Performance

Get a detailed breakdown on you potential Cost Per Admission (CPA)


Of sponsored search results cannot be distinguished from organic searches


Of searches for Addiction Treatment begin with a Google search


Of clicks from Google searches go through to the first 3 sponsored results

We have generated +5,500 Admits via Google & Microsoft Ads


Scale High-Quality Leads With Control According To Your Census

Cost Per Lead


PPC Budget / Amount of Leads

Cost Per VOB

Cost per VOB =

PPC Budget / (Amount of Leads * Lead-to-VOB Ratio)

Cost Per Admission


PPC Budget / Amount of Admissions

Before making any decisions, we make sure to analyze key performance metrics to work toward established expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of budgets do you work with?

Our team has experience dealing with $10,000 – $1,500,000 monthly spend.

What is the length of commitment?

Unlike most agencies, we do not believe in long-term 6-12 month contracts. 

After 90 Days, you’ll move onto a month-on-month basis where you can cancel at any time should you wish to discontinue for whatever reason. 

How long until we can start to see results?

We aim to see results on Day 1! 

If your campaign is already performing well, the probable outcome is you will see our improvements make an impact very quickly, taking you from good to great. 

However, any PPC campaign that needs to be built from the ground up will typically need at least a week of A/B testing to have data that will give you confidence in terms of which direction it is headed.

It is typically 60-90 days before we can confidently say that the campaigns are +90% optimized. For that reason we ask for some patience before judging the exact performance. 

Is Microsoft Ads worth the investment?

The short answer is yes! Microsoft Ads has a generally more affluent audience compared to the average Google user. There are also a lot less centers advertising, hence why the costs are significantly lower.

As a rule of thumb, we typically recommend a 20/80 split of spend between Microsoft and Google.

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